Matt Kubota

Product designer at Grubhub

I’ve been a product designer for a few years now, focused on building the best digital experiences for consumers and businesses. Most recently, I led the development of Vocable AAC, an app that enables those with limited speech to communicate using only head movement. Before that, I spent time at WillowTree where I worked with Fortune 500 companies and global brands like National Geographic, Regal Cinemas, and Anheuser-Busch.

I’d love to hear from you and grab (virtual) coffee. Email me any time at Otherwise, find me on Twitter @mattkubota or LinkedIn. Here’s my resume if you want it.

An iPad with the Vocable AAC app

Vocable AAC

Allowing those with conditions that restrict or inhibit speech to communicate with their caregivers and loved ones with an app that uses AR to track head movements.

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Two iPhones with the Waterpik 14-Day Challenge app

Waterpik 14-Day Challenge

Encouraging Waterpik users to get into the habit of flossing daily with a focused, gamified experience that takes them through the first two weeks of use.

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An iPhone with the National Geographic app leaning against National Geographic magazines

National Geographic

Providing the everyday explorer a personalized feed of photography, video, AR, and articles about the natural world in this award-winning mobile app.

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